Sventes Muiža

The menu of the restaurant SVENTES MUIŽA consists of the various European cuisine meals fitting any taste, starting with light ‘Cesar’ to delicate chicken breast.  Everyone could find a meal fitting his or her taste, it could be meat, fowl, fish, seafood or sweet desert.


Hotel Sventes Muiža

Restaurant SVENTES MUIŽA offers presentable interior, the atmosphere of refined ease, the considerate attitude of the personnel and traditionalism of the Classic European cuisine. The cosy furnishings, soft fireplace light and pleasant music are conducive to rest and deliberate talk. In the summer season you can hide from the heat in a cosy pavilion nearby the fontain or on the terrace of the hotel and enjoy refreshments or seasonal meals.

The distance from the town allows to forget about the rush and fully enjoy the cheerful party atmosphere or to be lost in romantic mood. Any festivities could be celebrated in the restaurant SVENTES MUIŽA: family party, grand banquet or wedding with fireworks.
Working hours of the restaurant 10:00-22:00.