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Main facts and events

The manor Jaunsvente, now SVENTES MUIŽA, served various purposes and was in different conditions during the almost hundred years.The manor was built in 1912 by the count Michael Plater-Ziberg, the heir of two well-known and well-off families of Latgale region. Latvian elementary school was opened in the manor later in 1921, 10 teachers were teaching there almost 300 students. Military hospital was organised in the premises of the manor in 1944, but after the end of the war the school was opened once again, but the studies were in Russian already.

Of course, the central and main sight of the estate was the manor, but estate consisted of varios premises. There were large gates at the entrance to the estate territory, alike buildings and other premises were surrounding the manor, making the square court of honour. Nowadays the buildings are used for different purposes – the servants` quarters is the Local governments building, the regional library is situated in one of the stalls. Until recenty the manor was abandoned and breaking down. In 1975 when the new school was built the estate was left and went to seed.

The building of the former manor Jaunsvente belonging to count Plater-Ziberg family, recovered it primary image in 2005 – the SVENTES MUIŽA hotel was opened in the renovated manor. During the reconstruction the primary frontage was restored, even the colours of it are original. A lot of the elements of the interior, for example the court staitrcase were restored to its original look. Great pride of the SVENTES MUIŽA hotel are its unique tiled heating stoves with fireplace, situated in the hall and restaurant of the hotel.